September 13, 2021

I’m an undergraduate premedical student who experienced congestion, nasal breathing difficulties, and nose bleeds, after nasal spray treatment, for the past two years. These symptoms made it difficult for me to breathe day today, and sleep comfortably, and required me to blow my nose continuously throughout the day. Consequently, I met with Dr. Setzen and described my condition. After all, my septum was deviated, sinuses constricted, and airways tight. After consultation, I decided to go through with endoscopic nasal surgery. After the procedure, I’ve come to realize how easy it should’ve been to breathe through my nose and gained a newfound appreciation for a clear nose and easy breathing. Dr. Setzen is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. Dr. Setzen took the time to explain the details of the procedure, allowing me to understand its significance and how it will improve my quality of life afterward. From the very beginning, he took the time to listen to my concerns.

-September 13, 2021

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