Patient Testimonial

Dr. Setzen performed my sinus surgery recently and I have never felt better. I had chronic headaches, sinus infections and was constantly sick. It cleared up all the pressure. Dr. Setzen is fantastic and I would highly recommend him for general ENT but most importantly the type of complex sinus surgery case that he performed on me.

Chronic Nasal Condition Treatment Testimonial

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Michael Setzen for many years.
I have a chronic nasal condition and have needed several surgeries to remove reoccurring polyps.
All surgeries were performed by Dr. Setzen with great success.
He has always shown great care, deep understanding of the problem and how to treat it.

In addition, Dr. Setzen performed reconstructive surgery on my son’s nose a few years ago. My son had an extremely severe deviated septum from a childhood injury. He had only 5 to 10% breathing capability. It was a challenging and complex surgery that most doctors would not have even attempted. It was a 100% successful surgery, and my son has been able to breathe freely ever since.

To put it simply – brilliant mind, golden hands, beautiful personality.

Thank you Dr. Setzen!

Patient Testimonial

Sinus surgery works! Ten years ago I was getting sinus infections every other month. Finally I took Dr. Setzen’s advice and had sinus surgery. It has been almost ten years and I have not had a sinus infection since! Dr. Setzen was patient, caring and a great surgeon. I have now come to him, ten years later, with a totally separate issue regarding my ear, again he has been thorough in examining my condition and listening to my symptoms. I feel confident that he will help me recover from this as well. I highly recommend Dr. Setzen for any ear, nose or throat issue you may have.

Patient Testimonial

I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Setzen through my friend Richard Miranda. I went to Dr. Setzen because of a tumor I had growing on the right side of my face. Needless to say I was scared, and had a tremendous amount of anxiety.

Dr. Setzen made me feel very comfortable through his great sense of compassion. The doctor diagnosed the problem and put me in the right direction resulting in a total cure of this serious situation. The tumor had to be removed because it was attached to my parotid gland on the right side of my face.

Deviated Septum Patient Testimonial

We have been going to Dr. Setzen since before my wife and I had children (our children are now done with college and working). Dr. Setzen performed surgery to correct a deviated septum for my wife and both of our sons. He has treated all of us through the years whenever we had sinus infections and other ear / nose / throat medical issues. He has always been the most professional, pleasant person imaginable. Whenever we go to him, he accurately diagnoses the root cause of our issues and the treatment he subsequently prescribes for us cures us rapidly. He is very patient, he listens carefully, he is compassionate, and he has an outstanding bedside manner with his patients. Not only is he an outstanding specialist that we would recommend to anyone, but his staff is also compassionate and is very efficient as well. In summary, going to Dr. Setzen is always a pleasant and worthwhile experience. Thank you, Dr. Setzen!

Sinus Surgery Testimonial

I had major sinus issues three years ago which caused me to feel fatigue, have headaches, nasal congestion with infections.. Dr Setzen performed surgery on my sinus and I have been using budesonide daily. I feel fine, no sinus issues. Dr Setzen is a Miracle Worker!!!

Sinus Treatment Testimonial

I have been seeing Dr. Setzen for well over 10 years and he literally saved me from serious sinus surgery. I came to see him for the first time to secure a second opinion from a doctor who recommended surgery after I had experienced years of sinus infections. Dr. Setzen confirmed my sinus problems but came up with an approach that combined seeing an allergist and regular visits to him for monitoring my sinus condition rather than surgery. In short order I stopped having sinus infections and have never felt better. Dr. Setzen provides the most up-to-date treatment options. He has made a very positive contribution to my long-term health.

Entellus Ballon procedure Testimonial

I went to Dr. Setzen for a sinus issue and post nasal drip that was getting worse. He examined me, took a scan, and made the diagnosis that my sinuses were very swollen and that they were not draining properly. He performed a Entellus Ballon procedure and within a few days not only did the drip stop but also the headaches, and everything was draining as it should. I also had issues with my ears “closing” and the doctor that I was seeing previously said that I had hearing loss and sold me hearing aids. After Dr. Setzen’s procedure my ears no longer were a problem. I would highly recommend Dr. Stezen for someone who has had sinus issues and have gone to other doctors that could, or did not help them.

– September 12, 2019

Tonsil/Adenoid Removal Testimonial

My 9 year daughter (whose an avid and serious singer) had to get her tonsils and adenoids removed in a time-sensitive schedule. She had two big singing performances in a month range. Dr Setzen scheduled us in for her to be able to sing at one performance, remove her tonsils/adenoids right after and heal in time for the other one. That’s not all, my daughter had a very smooth operation, she was at Hershey park 3 days after and sang her heart out as if a scalpel never went into that throat — and even won the singing competition! Thank you Dr Setzen!

– June 17, 2019

Entellus Balloon Sinuplasty Testimonial

Last Monday, Dr. Setzen performed the Entellus Balloon Sinuplasty procedure on my nose. I was a bit nervous as I heard that there could be a slow recovery and quite a bit of pain. Dr. Setzen assured me that the anesthesia was better now and the recovery would be much quicker. He was exactly right. There was almost no pain during the procedure and everything went smoothly. I was quite tired that evening and was able to resume all normal activities the next day. My breathing has become less labored and I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who needs it. Dr. Setzen and his staff explained everything to me and were highly professional.

– June 13, 2019

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