Telemedicine consult

I had an excellent telemedicine consult on Zoom with Dr. Setzen. It is always so easy to talk to him and he made the experience very comfortable for me. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I can receive medical attention right at home during these trying times. There Is no need to wait for the Covid-19 crisis to be over to receive the care you deserve…Dr. Setzen is available now.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
April 17th, 2020

Jay Mittman

spoke to the Dr. on zoom and it was very good It is great to do zoom and not have to go to his office

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
April 15th, 2020

Tela Medicine consult

While it is ideal to see a physician in the office I found today’s consult an amazing solution in today’s social isolation. I am technologically challenged and it was amazingly easy to use zoom. I had another option as well. My teleconference appointment was surprisingly pleasant and natural and I felt extremely well taken care of . I was not waiting in the office exposed to other germs nor mine exposing others. Dr.Setzen was so warm and professional and his explanations were extremely clear and all my questions were answered. I have been fearing the what if’s if I get sick. I am so relieved that I was taken care of in the comfort of my own home.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
April 13th, 2020


I have a sustained loss of smell and taste (>1 month) after having recovered from a COVID-19 infection. I had an EXCELLENT first time consultation with Dr. Setzen using Zoom and am now feeling very optimistic! It’s a blessing to be able to consult with the doctor and not have to leave home and put yourself/others at risk. Dr. Setzen was EXTREMELY knowledgeable, thorough and very personable & kind. I will be following up w/ Dr Setzen using the Zoom platform for now, and for this I couldn’t be more grateful !

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
April 13th, 2020

Kelly Fabio

I would recommend Dr. Setzen to anyone. Since I was about 6 years old (I’m 17 now) I had chronic sinusitis and tried every nasal spray and antibiotic in the book. I was so frustrated, but then my boyfriend recommended doctor Setzen look at my sinuses and nose. He found that the cause was from my deviated septum. I went into surgery almost 2 weeks later. I had an excellent recovery and was barely swollen. It has been almost a month since my surgery and I can finally breathe after all these years. I feel all around so much healthier and happier. Dr. Setzen truly walks you through the whole surgery and recovery and makes you feel so comfortable. He is excellent and so so kind. If you’re having any sort of ear, nose, and throat problems, go to doctor Setzen you’ll feel so much better.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
March, 2020

Five Stars

Had tube put into middle ear b/c of Eustachian tube dysfunction & fluid in middle ear! Procedure was done in office with local anesthesia-went well -Dr.Setzen did a great job & his office staff assisted-I can hear again & I no longer have ear pain due to fluid in ear!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
March 1st, 2020

Kelly Ann Henry

Highly recommend Dr. Setzen! I had a badly deviated septum for the past 10 years after a sports injury, leading to many breathing issues and chronic nasal congestion. He was able to correct all of my issues and correct the outside appearance of my nose as it was crooked from the injury. I’m extremely happy with the results. 10/10 recommend!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
January, 2020

Excellent Care/Best DOCTOR

I am a patient of Dr.Setzen for over one year-have had Chronic Sinusitis for over twenty years plus two sinus surgeries by other ENT docs! I am so glad that I switched to Dr.Setzen-I feel that he is dedicated,extremely knowledgeable,& very skilled at what he does!Had Balloon sinus dilation one month ago b/c my frontal sinuses were blocked & at same time had Eustachian Tube Dilation done under local anesthesia in office! Did very well during procedure& after it-no down time! Had CT scan done in his office which is a time saver! This was done 1 week before I had ballon dilation done & scan showed I had blocked openings to my Frontal sinuses! Dr.Setzen is friendly & easy to talk to! His staff,Catherine &Moia are very pleasant! I finally have relief from the chronic sinusitis & my Eustachian tube is patent (I can hear again! So,Yes,I highly recommend Dr.Setzen-he has helped me feel better than I have in years!!!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
December 6th, 2019

Excellent doctor. Great care.

Dr Setzen operated on my sinuses over 20 years ago and it changed my life. My breathing was greatly improved and I got very few sinus infections. (One every 5 years compared to several a year before my surgery.) Recently I got a persistent infection that would not resolve and went back to Dr Setzen. He performed sinus surgery on me, and the problem resolved. Dr Setzen inspires confidence. He has been doing this work for decades. In addition, he is compassionate and very conscientious. He is very serious about post operative care as well. Take your time with recovery and follow his directions. I recommend Dr Setzen very highly.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
December 4th, 2019

Deviated Septum and Sinus Treatment Testimonial

I’ve had a history of sinus and breathing problems since childhood. After pills, sprays, and all of the other gimmicks I had Dr. Setzen treat me for a deviated septum and he cleaned out my sinuses ten years ago. Foolishly I stopped office visits and my problems came back only this time with no sense of smell or taste. After living in misery I went back to Dr. Setzen and he removed many polyps. now I can smell, taste and breath with no over the counter medicines. If you have sinus problems go see Dr. Setzen!

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