There is no one better than Dr. Setzen. He answered any and every single question prior to my surgery and took such amazing care of me. He knew how anxious I was about the surgery and he and his team put me at ease. Everything he explained to me pre surgery was exactly what happened post surgery.

-September 21st, 2020

A day after my sinus surgery I was feeling great.

-September 22nd, 2020

Dr. Setzen literally changed my life! I badly deviated my septum playing football in 1979 and lived with it until a few months ago. I am not a fan of surgery and was concerned about the recovery so I put off taking care of it until recently. I finally gave in to the surgery because I was waking up 5-6 times a night and never felt rested. Both my nasal passages were almost completely blocked. For three days post-op I was a somewhat uncomfortable but never in pain. Three week later I am sleeping deeply and breathing comfortably through my nose. Even exercise seems easier. I am upset with myself for waiting for so long!!! Dr. Setzen did a wonderful job and his sweet disposition made the whole process easier.

-October 8th, 2020

My whole life I have been suffering from reoccurring strep throat and some nasty swollen tonsils that interrupted my sleep constantly. I also broke my nose a few times which made breathing out of the right side of my nose impossible as well as leaving me with a big bump on my nose. I went to see Dr. Setzen originally for my throat but when I found out he could also help with my deviated septum and appearance, I was thrilled. A few weeks after our consultation, in which he explained everything thoroughly, I was in surgery. Just over two weeks ago, I got a septoplasty, rhinoplasty, tonsillectomy, and work done on my sinuses and turbinates. I was nervous about getting my nose done however it was an amazing decision. I now can breathe through my nose and even just after two weeks, I am already so confident with the way my nose looks. Dr. Setzen did an amazing job and he really cares a lot about his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

-June 7th, 2021

I have had sinus problems most of my life, but when I started having fairly constant-to-intermittent headaches I thought it was time to see Dr. Setzen. He did an exam and agreed that my sinuses may be causing my headaches, but to be safe and thorough he advised that I see a neurologist to make sure that there was nothing more serious happening. He could have easily told me that the sinuses were the problem, but I respect the fact that he wanted me to rule out a more serious issue by referring me to a neurologist. After a complete neurological exam with an MRI of my brain (with and without contrast) we received the report that everything else was normal, but my sinuses were a problem. Dr. Setzen then gave me the option of Balloon Sinuplasty in his office to correct the problem. The “in-office” procedure was professionally done with minimal discomfort. The recovery period was several weeks, with Dr. Setzen and Moya (indispensable assistant to the Dr.) available day and evening for my questions/concerns. During the recovery I made several trips to the office to be carefully checked and advised of my progress. Dr. Setzen and Moya were patient and responsive to my questions/concerns every step of the way. I fully recommend Dr. Setzen (and Moya) if anyone is having sinus issues

-October 19th, 2021

I saw Dr. Setzen for a persistent clicking noise in my right ear. I had seen a bunch of other ENTs at top hospitals, none of whom were able to get to the root of the problem. Dr. Setzen spent more than an hour and half with me. He was kind and knowledgeable, as were the rest of the staff. He not only resolved my most aggravating symptom, he promised to continue to look into the root cause until he found an answer. Dr. Setzen gave me my health–and my sanity–back. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

-February 16th, 2022

Dr. Setzen is incredible. I always struggled with nasal problems and as I got older they became unbearable. I suffered from constant sinus infections and it was horrifically difficult to breathe through my nose when laying down. I first went to a different otolaryngologist who performed two surgeries on my nose, but I was left feeling no better than before with no answers as to why. Miraculously, I came across Dr. Setzen and he undoubtably changed my life. He was able to diagnose my nasal valve collapse along with other unresolved nasal/sinus issues within minutes upon walking into the room. He performed an intricate 4+ hour surgery where he reconstructed the valve collapse (tip of my nose) using cartilage from my ear, and he also removed a polyp from my sinuses and corrected other slight issues he found. That surgery was now nearly 8 years ago, and I can happily say that I am doing phenomenal. Dr. Setzen gave me a new quality of life; I no longer have difficulty breathing and rarely have any issues with my nose/sinuses. I am still under Dr. Setzen’s care to this day and can confidently say he is the best otolaryngologist around. He is kind, compassionate, and genuine – as a person and a man. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Setzen and his wonderful staff, and I could never find the words to express my gratitude for all of them. Do not hesitate to see Dr. Setzen; I have no doubt he can change your life just as he changed mine.

-March 22nd, 2022

Dr. Setzen is a wonderful truly skilled surgeon with hands of gold. His calming demeaning made me feel at ease and he thoroughly explained my surgical procedure. and answered all my questions. My surgery went so well, and my recovery was better than I thought. The right Doctor means all the difference. I can’t thank him enough. P.S. Love the English accent!!

-May 9th, 2022

I consulted with Dr. Setzen after finding out that I had fluid in my sinus cavity which might be connected to a dental problem. Dr. Setzen recommended that I have a.procedure known as Balloon Dilation which was a simpler and less extensive surgery that could be performed in the office. This was an easy decision since it required local rather than general anesthesia and the recuperation period was shorter and less debilitating. The procedure was quick and not only was it successful in resolving my sinus problem but saved me from more extensive dental work. Dr. Setzen is excellent and dealing with Moya in the office is always a plus.

-May 22nd, 2022

Dr. Setzen is not only a brilliant doctor, but he has outstanding bedside manner. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who is in need of a remarkable ENT.

-June 19th, 2022

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