Lori K

Dr. Setzen took care of my 24 year old daughter this year. Her tonsils were removed and she also needed a septoplasty. He did an amazing job my daughter did so well and continues to do well. After 9 day post op she was feeling so much better and no more snoring!!!!!!Dr Setzen was always available to answer any questions or concerns I would recommend him highly!!! He’s the best

-April 12, 2021

I would recommend Dr. Setzen to anyone. Since I was about 6 years old (I’m 17 now) I had chronic sinusitis and tried every nasal spray and antibiotic in the book. I was so frustrated, but then my boyfriend recommended doctor Setzen look at my sinuses and nose. He found that the cause was from my deviated septum. I went into surgery almost 2 weeks later. I had an excellent recovery and was barely swollen. It has been almost a month since my surgery and I can finally breathe after all these years. I feel all around so much healthier and happier. Dr. Setzen truly walks you through the whole surgery and recovery and makes you feel so comfortable. He is excellent and so so kind. If you’re having any sort of ear, nose, and throat problems, go to doctor Setzen you’ll feel so much better.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
March, 2021

Several years ago, I went to Dr. Setzen because of frequent sinus headaches and infections. Within the first visit he diagnosed the issue, simply and clearly explained the procedure he recommended for me and scheduled my procedure with the greatest of ease. He certainly solved my long term issues with my sinus headaches and infections.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
February 18th, 2021

Highly recommend Dr. Setzen! I had a badly deviated septum for the past 10 years after a sports injury, leading to many breathing issues and chronic nasal congestion. He was able to correct all of my issues and correct the outside appearance of my nose as it was crooked from the injury. I’m extremely happy with the results. 10/10 recommend!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
February 2021

Adam Haber

Dr. Setzen literally changed my life! I badly deviated my septum playing football in 1979 and lived with it until a few months ago. I am not a fan of surgery and was concerned about the recovery so I put off taking care of it until recently. I finally gave in to the surgery because I was waking up 5-6 times a night and never felt rested. Both my nasal passages were almost completely blocked. For three days post-op I was a somewhat uncomfortable but never in pain. Three week later I am sleeping deeply and breathing comfortably through my nose. Even exercise seems easier. I am upset with myself for waiting for so long!!! Dr. Setzen did a wonderful job and his sweet disposition made the whole process easier.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
November, 2020

Nina Kligman

There is no one better than Dr. Setzen. He answered any and every single question prior to my surgery and took such amazing care of me. He knew how anxious I was about the surgery and he and his team put me at ease. Everything he explained to me pre surgery was exactly what happened post surgery

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
October, 2020

Beverly Ilkay

I highly recommend Dr.Setzen. He truly does have hands of gold. I broke my nose and had surgery to fix it. Like new. Moya handled everything for me and they were truly professional. Great experience and highly recommended.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
September, 2020

Five Stars

Wonderful doctor with wonderful results. Dr. Setzen fixed in 20 minutes problems my husband suffered from for 65 years. His breathing is better, post nasal drip gone, watery nose gone, and snoring 95% improved. We traveled from Boston to Great Neck, NY because we could not find a doctor near us to do nasal cryotherapy surgery. We are so glad to have found Dr. Setzen and his assistant Moya. The results are better than we even hoped for

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
August 13th, 2020

Thank you Dr. Michael Setzen for Helping My Grandmother

I am writing this on behalf of my grandmother who is a retired healthcare professional. She says that Dr. Michael Setzen saved her life. Making himself available for frequent visits, delivering a proper diagnosis, and explaining things extremely clearly has left my grandmother with nothing but the best things to say about her experience. He is a doctor who cares and treats his patients well.

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
July 15th, 2020

great doctor who really cares. so rare!!

My whole life I have had a badly deviated septum and a mess of other issues in my nose and sinuses. After consulting with four other surgeons who treated me with very little care or respect, I found Dr. Setzen who asked all of the really important questions, LISTENED to my answers, and made a plan to get me feeling better. Three months ago I had endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty, rhinoplasty, turbinate resection and adenoid removal with Dr. Setzen… I saw him almost every day in the week following the surgery for follow ups. Recovery was hard but the results have been MIND BLOWING! When he took out the packing and I took my first breath with my fixed nose, I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to get this done. It has truly changed my life for the better and I am overall feeling so much better with all of my previous symptoms. Now we have been doing telemedicine follow ups which have been very helpful to answer my questions for him. THANK YOU Dr. Setzen!!!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Michael Setzen
May 12th, 2020

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