“Dr. Setzen is one of the most skilled and professional doctors I know. He has been treating me and my family for over ten years, and we could not be happier.. I first met with him for several sinus problems including polyps. He performed sinus surgery shortly thereafter, and all my symptoms went away and have not returned. This surgery was probably ten years ago.. Couldn’t ask for a better doctor that is genuinely more caring and takes pride in his work.”

~ Howard Zodicoff on March 11th, 2016

Chronic Sinusitis

“I have been a patient of Dr. Setzen for many years. He is thorough in his assessments and explains treatment protocol in a language lay people can understand. After suffering from chronic sinusitis for many years, Dr. Setzen performed surgery that has ultimately lessened the severity of my condition and limited the requirement for constant antibiotics. He is warm, friendly and engaging, and never rushes through his time with you. I continue to see Dr. Setzen for dermatitis of the ear canal and recommend him highly for any condition related to Otolaryngology.”

~ Suzanne Gould on January 8th, 2016

Extraordinary MD

“Dr. Setzen has cared for me for over 20 years. He literally saved my life. I had serious sinus issues, which he cured through surgery and devotion. One of the finest doctors I have ever met.”

~ Melissa Arnold on December 13th, 2015

“My 6 year old daughter had terrible sinus issues, Doctor Setzen did Endoscopic surgery on her. She is now 9 years old and is still doing very well. Dr. Setzen is an excellent doctor, very thorough, kind and he listens to what you and your child have to say. I would recommend him for any ear nose and throat issues.”

~ Tom Tone on November 27th, 2015

Life Changing Procedure

“Dr. Setzen was the first ENT to suggest a balloon sinus dilation for my sinus issues, which have plagued me for ages. The procedure was done in his office in less that 90 minutes….most of the time was for allowing the anesthesia to take effect. This was a life changing procedure. Relieved nasal congestion, facilitated breathing and minimized infections from colds. Kleenex has lost a good customer.”

~ Lillian H. on November 21st, 2015

Michael Setzen saved my life. I was so happy afterwards, my wife had the surgery 2 months after I did.

“Dr. Setzen is by far the best doctor for anything sinus related. I was bed ridden for months. I had Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, followed up by a couple of debreavment appointments, and I got my life back. Endless headaches, blurred vision, congestion, misery no more. I have about 8 people in my life that I am completely grateful for- and Dr. Setzen is on that list. His hands are steady, his skill is unparalleled, and the results were astounding. What a heck of a guy with a cool South African accent! Just GREAT!”

~ Eric Shaw on October 7th, 2015

Amazing Doctor and Staff!! Highly Recommend!!

“I had a headache every day my whole life until I met Dr. Setzen. Dr. Setzen did sinus surgery on me and I have never felt better!!! He was professional and took great care of me. He took the time to explain to me every step of the process. This was my first surgery ever and he had a way of making me feel comfortable and at ease. I am so grateful to Dr, Setzen and his staff for eliminating my daily headaches!! I recommend Dr, Setzen to anyone who doesn’t want to suffer any more!!”

~ Rebecca Shaw on October 7th, 2015

“Dr. Setzen performed balloon nasal surgery on me. It wasn’t painful and with the help from his staff it went great. Dr. Setzen took me step by step through the whole procedure which really helped me. I can now breath better and hopefully I will not get sinus infections this winter.”

~ Jay M. on October 5th, 2015

Does Up-To-Date Procedures

“Dr Setzen preformed a balloon nasal surgery in his office which was greatly convenient to open the blocked nasal passages. It was a much better situation than going to the hospital. It was not painful and well tolerated. It has been 3 months since the procedure and it seems to be a success. There is no scaring either.”

~ Paul Spina on October 2nd, 2015

Best ENT on LI … Maybe in NY!

“I’ve been a patient since Dr. Setzen corrected my deviated septum in 2004. He is a wonderful doctor … I’ve never breathed or slept better – I visit him twice a year now unless I get sick and I always feel so much better after he treats me. I don’t have sinus headaches and rarely get sinus infections since being his patient. He is a great doctor with a wonderful “bedside manner.” He also tells you what he is doing and makes you feel comfortable if you should have any anxiety. I live in suffolk and drive all the way to his office in Great Neck because he is THAT good! Definitely the best ENT specialist/expert around.”

~ Marie D. on September 25th, 2015

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