86 years old and feels awesome

“I brought my Mom who is 86 years old to see Dr. Setzen for her issues with nasal Polyps. No one was willing to treat her properly. Dr. Setzen performed surgery to remove massive amounts of nasal Polyps. My Mom is doing awesome !! and has her life back. She can breathe unbelievable and has more energy than ever. For all who are a bit older and are afraid to get treatment, Please don’t be afraid … There is help. Call Dr Setzen..”

~ June 26th, 2017


“I have had a persistent cough for seven years. The cough was accompanied by migraine headaches, facial discomfort, and fatigue. I have visited many disciplines of doctors ranging from internists, pulmonologists, and allergists. I have undergone six months of allergy injections. Doctors prescribed inhalers, prednisone, antihistamines, antibiotics, and nasal sprays. My condition kept worsening, and the symptoms more severe. Dr Michael setzen listened to my concerns and analyzed the symptoms. I had nasal blockages, deviated septum, a large cyst. Surgery was the only option. Dr Setzen is a kind and compassionate doctor. He improved the quality of my life. I am breathing better, sleeping better, no nose bleeds, and not coughing. I have more energy. The office staff is helpful and supportive as well.”

~ May 30th, 2017


“I have been suffering with sinus headaches, facial pain for many years. Thanks to Dr. Michael Setzen my symptoms have completely vanished. Dr. Setzen is a very caring and competent doctor and his staff are very supportive. I am very happy and relieved that I finally found a doctor who was able to relieve my symptoms with a relatively easy procedure. The ability to have this procedure done in office with local anesthesia was far superior to undergoing general in a hospital setting. Would highly recommend both Dr. Setzen and the balloon sinus dilation.”

~April 29th, 2017


“I have been to 11 doctors to help me. My sinuses collapsed and I visited all these Otolaryngology and not one said they could do anything and Dr. Setzen said he could help me and he did, Great Doctor!”

~March 29th, 2017


“After suffering through 47 years of sinus problems and two surgeries that did not work, I found Dr. Setzen in 2016. In 2017 he performed ballooned surgery which opened my sinuses. I sleep much better, have drainage which prevents infection and can exercise easier. Procedure itself was uncomfortable but no pain and no packing. Results were evident very quickly. I am grateful.”

~March 16th, 2017

Allergy symptoms and Sinus congestion relief

“I am a 25 year old female and I have been suffering from sinus congestion for the past 5 years. I had Dr. Setzen perform endoscopic sinus surgery and septum correction on me about 3 months ago and I am very happy with my results. I can breathe better, sleep better, I have more energy and my allergy symptoms have been greatly reduced. I highly recommend this surgery to anyone who suffers from allergies and sinus congestion.”

~ January 17th, 2017

sinus surgery

“I was suffering from years of sinus infections,facial pressure, polyps chronic sinusitis. Over the years I have gone to many ENT doctors for treatment without success. My condition worsened and luckily a friend of mine who suffered same symptoms as I did and was operated on by Dr. Setzen recommended Dr. Setzen to me. In my case surgery was what was needed. The surgery was a success – my infection was cleared up, polyps removed and deviated septum corrected. Dr.Setzen is a very caring physician. From my first appointment with the Doctor through all my follow-up visits I have found Dr. Setzen to be kind,caring and is ready to answer all questions. Most importantly, he will call you back in a timely manner and even come to the phone. The Doctor is also surrounded by a staff of very professional and courteous people. I would highly recommend Dr. Setzen.”

~ November 22nd, 2016

Nasal Congestion/ Sinus Infections / significant Nose Bleeds cured by surgery

“Dr. Setzen performed surgery for the aforementioned health issues that I was dealing with. He has the best bedside manner, and I believe he is in the best in his field. Not only was I totally cured, but he in fact most likely saved my life due to Nose Bleed issues. He is great and I highly recommend him to anyone with these types of issues.”

~ November 12th, 2016


“I work and am friendly with a number of physicians. They all recommend Dr. Setzen for ENT, and when they need an ENT, they use him. What better recommendation? But from the non-professional point of view– Dr. Setzen makes you feel like you are the most important patient he has. You have his full attention for as much time as you need.”

~ November 2nd, 2016

Avoiding surgery

“I came to Dr. Setzen over a decade ago with another ENT specialist having recommended surgery. Dr. Setzen instead recommended working with an allergist and regular checkups and treatment from him. I did not have surgery and improved dramatically with Dr. Setzen’s care. He helped me end a cycle of sinus infections; I haven’t had one since I started working with him. In short, I highly recommend him!”

~ August 9th, 2016

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