A miracle Sinus Surgery

“Dr Setzen performed amazing sinus surgery on me and my outcome is nothing short of a miracle! I had rare bony osteomas(bone in the sinus)filling much of my left sinus cavities reaching up and close to my eye socket and brain. Other doctors with less confidence and experience would have done a procedure where they make an incision at my hairline and go in from above. That procedure would have been extremely traumatic both physically and emotionally for me. Dr. Setzen, after consulting with many other experts around the world, was willing to first try going up through my left nostril to scrape away at the bone from below. Well needless to say, after a 3 1/2 hour procedure, where he patiently chipped away, tiny bony piece by tiny bony piece, he was able to remove all of the tumor. Luckily the tumor was benign and I am living (and breathing)with my sinus free and clear. After a year there is no sign of bone blockage, nor do I or Dr. Setzen expect it will return. I cannot recommend Dr. Setzen and his staff more highly. They were always warm and caring during an EXTREMELY traumatic time for me. I ALWAYS felt that I was under the care of the most highly skilled physician. If you are looking for an expert in this field with a warm, caring manner, you MUST see Dr. Michael Setzen. How Dr. Setzen treated and cured my rare case with a minimally invasive surgery when it could have been so much more traumatic, is nothing short of a miracle!!”

~ Anonymous on June 7th 2012

Rhinoplasty, Septum, and Sinus Surgery

“Dr. Setzen performed a rhinoplasty, septum, and sinus surgery on me in one sitting. I am very happy with the results of the surgery. The outcomes of my surgery that I am happiest about include fewer sinus infections that heal and respond to treatment much quicker, the exterior appearance of my nose and the removal of the bump I had, and an improvement in my breathing. The recovery period was very short and I was at work 10 days after with little bruising and swelling.”

~ Anonymous on August 16th, 2011

10 Days After Surgery and Already Partying!!

“Dr. Setzen performed a deviated septum correctional surgery, removed my adenoids, and removed fluid from all of my sinuses around 10 days ago. I was skeptical about when I could return to daily activities but I was surprised to find that I felt able to go to my friends birthday party only ten days after surgery.”

~Anonymous on August 4th 2011

Septoplasty Saved My Sleep (and Marriage)

“I came to Dr. Setzen with sleep apnea problems, sinus headaches, and a bit of a snoring problem (or so my wife tells me). Dr. Setzen performed a septoplasty and the results are life-changing; I never knew what it was like to truly breath. Now I sleep better, have more productive workouts (I’m a runner) and most importantly, my wife says I don’t snore! Thanks Dr. Setzen!”

~ Anonymous on August 1st, 2011

Student Who Had Deviated Septum Fixed, Adenoids Removed, and Sinuses Cleaned Out

” For years i’ve had trouble breathing, always huffing and puffing as I played sports for my high school teams. In addition to my severe seasonal allergies, I was apparently suffering from a severely deviated septum which left no airway to breathe when the allergies kicked in. Dr. Setzen diagnosed this immediately as the issue when i complained about my breathing ability, and convinced me surgery was the way to go. It is safe to say that Dr. Setzen was clearly correct, as I have no regrets from the surgery at all. The entire procedure from start to finish was pretty seamless, and was well worth the comfort i now have. Dr. Setzen gave great advice, performed surgery well, and followed up with clean-ups and so on with diligence. Highly recommended!”

~ Anonymous on July 13th, 2011

Sinus Problems

“Sinus problems had been the story of my life until I met Dr. Setzen . I had to have a surgery every four years from the time I was 18. Things changed dramatically from the moment I stepped into Dr. Setzen’s office. Yes I had one surgery which he performed immediately and no mention of surgeries since it has been almost ten years. I can now breathe, my speech is no longer nasal, I forgot I had sinus problems.As a bonus comes his lovely personality which makes it a pleasure to see him on my routine maintenance visits. No wonder Dr. Setzen is one of the top doctors in New York (and in my book).”

~ Anonymous July 13th, 2011

Dr. Setzen is a Fabulous Physician

“My son had several sports injuries to his nose.These injuries caused a blockage and scar tissue making it virtually impossible for my son to breathe through his nose.He developed a sinus condition, sleeping problems and loss of appetite. Cosmetically his nose was crooked. Dr. Setzen performed surgery to correct the medical and cosmetic problems.The surgery was successful and the after care was excellent. My son looks and feels great.”

~ Anonymous on July 7th, 2011

A Model of What a Doctor Should Be

“Dr. Setzen is the third ENT that I went to. He did extensive sinus surgery with excellent success. He, in my opinion, is the model of what a doctor should be. He is extremely competent and he really cares about his patients. You actually feel like a human being when you speak with him. I recommend him without reservation as one of the best.”

~ Anonymous June 1st, 2011

Conservatively Aggressive Approach

“After visiting several other ENTs who gave up on helping me with exacerbated asthma caused by a chronic sinus condition, our pulmonologist recommended Dr. Setzen. Previously I had been hospitalize 4 times in a year for extended stays of 6 days or more. The minute I walked into his office with my medical history Dr. Setzen promised to work with me until I became a well man. He performed a surgery other doctors hadn’t even considered and I haven’t had an asthma attack since. He still sees me on a regular basis to make sure the surgery he did is maintained. He is a very knowledgable doctor with state of the art equipment in his office. He is always available for an emergency visit or consultation. He is kind and considerate and for me a real life saver.”

~ Thomas Moody on November 16th, 2010

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