“Dr. Setzen performed Sinus Surgery on me in 2013. My septum was almost completely sealed. After surgery, I’m breathing easy, I’m no longer addicted to nasal sprays, and even allergies and cold symptoms are greatly reduced. Should have done this years ago. Dr. Setzen was true to his word about being able to resolve my problem with his excellent skill.”

~ Kathryn Posekel on January 6th, 2015

Sleeping Better and No Sinus Infections After Surgery

“Had chronic sinusitis, couldn’t sleep, constantly on medicine. Surgery removed a hundred polyps. Post surgery, no congestion, sleep better than I have in I had chronic sinusitis for over 5 years. I couldn’t sleep and was constantly on medicine (mostly nasal spray, steroids and antibiotics. I was literally suffering. I went to see Dr. Setzen, to understand my options. His office was clean and he and his staff are friendly and courteous. Dr. Setzen used some advanced imaging techniques to show me exactly what the problems were and how they could be remedied through surgery. During the surgery he removed over 100 polyps from my sinuses. Immediately after surgery Dr. Setzen followed up with me in his office to make sure I was recovering well. He removed all of the surgical packing about 4 days later and I took my first breathe which was felt like being born again. I had no idea I was supposed to be getting that much oxygen all along! After six months I have had no congestion, no infections, and no negative outcomes from the surgery. It was one of the best decisions I have made and Dr. Setzen did an amazing job.”

~ January 6th, 2015

Relief from Sinusitis, Headaches and a Nicer Nose Too!

“Its simple. I no longer have the horrible pain of repeated sinus infections and the side effects of always being on antibiotics for those infections. Headaches almost completely gone. While I was at it, got a prettier nose.”

~ November 23rd, 2014

Sinusitis, Polyp, and Deviated Septum

“Dr Setzen Diagnosis was Acute Sinusitis, large Polyp and Deviated Septum. I could not breath threw my nose! Poor sleep, tired days etc. After some trial with medications the answer was to Operate. Having other maladies complicated the Operation and maybe the result… I still to have the operation and it was very successful!!! One year later I am still very pleased and can breath threw both nostrils easily. Thanks Dr Setzen!”

~ N.K. on October 12th, 2014

Dr. Setzen

“Over 23 years ago, I had an ugly external bump on my nose, and suffered from constant sinus infections and trouble breathing due to my deviated septum and nasal polyps. I was recommended to see Dr. Setzen since my internist said I was developing an immunity to the antibiotics given to me for all of the infections. All of my conditions were treated with surgery, and now my 26-year-old daughter suffers from all of the same conditions. She has no sense of smell, trouble sleeping and trouble breathing. I knew Dr. Setzen was the only man for the job, since he did such an incredible job on me. I highly recommend Dr. Setzen; he has truly changed the quality of my life and will now do the same for my daughter.”

~ Serena H. on September 8th, 2014

Helps Hopeless Case

“I had been suffering from exacerbated asthma that hospitalized me for long periods of time on massive doses of steroids. The frequent cause of these asthma attacks was recurrent sinus infections. I had visited other doctors and none of them even tried to solve the problem and wouldn’t attempt to fix my deviated septum which was part of the problem causing the asthma. Then I read about Dr. Setzen in Top Doctors and thought I would try one more time. Upon our first meeting Dr. Setzen reviewed my records with me for about 45 minutes and assured me he could help. He operated successfully on the deviated septum and he cleaned out my sinus cavities including the sphenoid sinuses that are very close to the brain so other doctors won’t attempt this surgery. I have not had a sinus infection since the surgery. I see Doctor Setzen on a regular basis and he keeps my sinuses clear so I don’t have to worry about asthma caused by sinus infections. On top of that, he is caring and kind to his patients. In addition, his staff are the most helpful and courteous people you can encounter.”

~ Thomas M. on August 18th, 2014

Nasal Congestion and Sinus Problems Relieved by Surgery

“Before I had surgery to straighten my deviated septum and reduce the size of my turbinates, I constantly had a drip into my throat causing me to constantly cough. I also had difficult breathing and sleeping. Once Dr. Setzen “fixed me up”, my cough is gone, I sleep better, and breath easily, especially during my rigorous spin classes and while cycling. While I did have some pain after the surgery, I am grateful to be breathing so much more easily and comfortably. It was worth it. I also want to commend Dr. Setzen’s staff who called me at least twice a day for the first couple of days to check in on me. They really care. Great surgeon, great team, great care.”

~ Morris S. on August 16th, 2014

No More Sinus Headaches with Balloon Sinuplasty

“Dr. Setzen is a superior ENT specialist whom I can’t praise enough. I had been suffering from chronic sinus inflammation, headaches, and TMJ. With his advanced CT scan equipment, Dr. Setzen was able to make the correct diagnosis and perform a balloon sinuplasty that cured me of my headaches. After spraying the nostrils with a liquid anesthetic and then applying more with needles (which I didn’t feel at all); I was amazed to find that I did not feel very much during the relatively short procedure. All I felt was a little pressure at times. Dr.Setzen was very good in alleviating any of my fears by explaining every step before it was executed.”

~ Frances Musco on August 12th, 2014

The Best Thing I Did!!!!!!

“This review is long overdue! Dr. Setzen performed nasal/septal surgery on me over 25 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did! It improved my quality of life tremendously! I no longer wake up with headaches and sore throats. (And I no longer snore like I use to.) Now when I wake up I’m not exhausted. Before my surgery I felt like I was always getting sick. It also took along time for me to get better. All of my family lives out of state so I fly frequently. Pre-surgery I realized every time I flew I would get sick. (Not to mention the terrible sinus/head pressure I sometimes experienced while flying.) My family even commented that it seemed like I was always sick when I was visiting. By the time I was ready to go home I was feeling better but then the flight home relapsed me. I would return to work after my “restful” vacation, sick! If you are thinking of having sinus surgery and are hesitating, don’t!!! You will be so happy with the results that you will be sorry you waited. You’ll realize how much you suffered and how great it feels to finally breathe well. Dr. Setzen is a gifted surgeon with a wonderful bedside manner. He is kind and easy to speak to. He’ll answer all your questions and alleviate all your fears.”

~ Joanne on July 16th, 2014

Nasal Congestion and Nasal Deformity Improved with Surgery

“Dr. Setzen is an awesome doctor! Almost a year ago, I contemplated getting nose surgery. I had trouble breathing and my nose was crooked to the right slightly. I had the surgery and it was the best decision i have ever done. The first few nights are rough due to sleeping, but after everything drains out, you are good to go by day 5-6. I was referred to Dr. Setzen by my family friend who had the surgery many years ago and he loved him. If you are considering the surgery, there is no better Doctor out there!”

~ Bryan on July 6th, 2014

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