Chronic Nasal Condition Treatment

Chronic Nasal Condition Treatment Testimonial

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Michael Setzen for many years.
I have a chronic nasal condition and have needed several surgeries to remove reoccurring polyps.
All surgeries were performed by Dr. Setzen with great success.
He has always shown great care, deep understanding of the problem and how to treat it.

In addition, Dr. Setzen performed reconstructive surgery on my son’s nose a few years ago. My son had an extremely severe deviated septum from a childhood injury. He had only 5 to 10% breathing capability. It was a challenging and complex surgery that most doctors would not have even attempted. It was a 100% successful surgery, and my son has been able to breathe freely ever since.

To put it simply – brilliant mind, golden hands, beautiful personality.

Thank you Dr. Setzen!

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