Septum and Sinus Repair, Uvula and Soft Palate Surgery

Septum and Sinus repair, uvula and soft palate surgery

“Over the past few years I saw several doctors. None of whom took time listen to what I had to say. They just made their diagnosis without truly listening to my explanation of my symptoms. They were all just treating the symptoms instead of trying to find the underlying reason. Every one of them totally missed the root cause of my condition. Dr. Setzen, arguably the best doctor that I have ever met, spent the time with me and listened to my complaints and concerns. He was thorough in his examination and explained his findings and diagnosis. His root cause analysis explanation was on point. I did not hesitate in my choice for surgery. He made sure that I was comfortable with my choice. After the surgery, he followed up promptly himself and made sure that I was recovering well. The caring, kindness, and thoughtfulness, did not only come from him, it permeated through all of his staff. They made the experience less stressful and they all made sure that I as comfortable before, during and after the entire process. I have not hesitated in recommending him, his practice, or the surgery.”

~MNet on October 12, 2013

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Tel: 516-829-0045
Fax: 516-829-0441

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